UnTower is more interactive than your usual Tower Defense Game. Every Tower has PHYSICS, they have recoil AND can be knocked around by friends and enemies. Claw your turrets, and reposition them before the enemy reaches your base!

Micromanage your resources, 3 different towers, and a variety of buff towers. Find out how long you can last.


Right Mouse Button(RMB)/Right Click:
-Open/Close Tower List to purchase.
-Purchase selection with Left Click.

Left Mouse Button(LMB)/Left Click (HOLD):
-Hover over turret of choice, then HOLD LMB to hold onto turret, drop turret on release.
-Turrets do not work when held.


Resource Gatherer

-Collects resources as long as it is still on top of resource tiles.
-Collects more if there are more tiles nearby
-Mineral and Gas Resource

Defense Turrets

Projectile Turret
-Reliable Damage
-Decent Fire rate

Laser Turret
- Very Low Damage
-High Fire Rate

-High Damage
-Very Low Fire Rate

Buffing Towers [Buffs can be stacked with each other and on itself]

Damage Buff
-Gives all turrets around it a boost of damage.

Recoil Buff
-Gives all turrets around it reduction of recoil.

Ice Buff
-Gives all turrets around it "Slow enemy on hit"

Fire Rate Buff
-Gives all turrets around it a boost of Fire rate.

Magnetic Block
-Turrets that come into contact will get stuck on the magnetic block.
-Disperses all turrets on high recoil or knock back from explosion.


-pushes turrets aside

-Throws rocks at closest turrets
-Rocks can destroy extractors

[Imagine Particle fx]

-Seeks out turrets then self destruct to knock turrets around.
-Explosion destroys extractors

[Imagine RED Particle fx]

-Seeks out utility towers (buff and extractor)
-Explosion destroys extractors

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