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1.1 - Made fonts readable, made glass more crispy

It's all in the title! Pilot a submarine through uncharted waters by strategically powering modules with your lone AI chip, all while watching the radar, reloading your weapons, and fending off mines which may or may not be sneaker than they seem...

Comments appreciated!


Left Mouse Button... for basically everything.

Information Mode

Information. Your run of the mill sonar. Points out enemies and walls.

Navigation. Makes sub go. Left Click on the map to plot a point... and pray. For brave souls, Shift+Left Click lets you queue multiple points for the sub to follow.

Weapons / Reload. Trusty torpedoes for putting mines out of commission. Left Click to fire in the direction of the cursor. When out of torpedoes, the Reload module can refill one every two seconds... provided you're willing to wait blind.

Everything else. Where's the screen gone? What's that beeping noise? If you're not refilling oxygen and you see this icon, you should probably plug the chip in somewhere useful...


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Solid game good job! I really liked it.=)


Really great job on everything! Graphics are incredible, I can't imagine pulling this off within 2 days! If I had to give a critique, well, uhh, I don't have any! This game's incredible for a jam game, and a short jam nonetheless!

Thanks for the kind words! :>


How did you do this website?It's gorgeous!

My groups main artist designed it! Glad you liked it!


Cool stuff! I really like the way you did this. I have always wanted to make a game in a submarine or at least with limited information and I think you pulled off the concept well.


Thanks for the kind remark! <3